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Total services for issuing, selling, using, and payment of Prepaid services
provide our customers and partners customized services for their needs
and purposes.


Our clients can experience Total Services of Issuance, Distribution, using,
or Prepayment. Alternatively, we can offer only specific types of services
if they needed.

  • Issuance

    There are various ways of prepaid such as card type, mobile coupon, digita
    code, etc.

  • Distribution/Top-up(charge)

    Distributes Prepaid products through various networks including On-Line,
    Off-Line, and Mobile.

  • Expands affiliated store/ Associate with other payment methods

    Maximizes the opportunity for a new business and new customers through
    collaboration with other payment method and affiliates.

  • Payment/Settlement

    Provides statistical data on Issuance, Distribution(Top-up), and history of
    Prepayment transaction so that our clients can come up with a creative
    Marketing Strategy.

Customer Needs Analysis

We analyze customers’ products, services, major business and the target
customers in order to derive most effective Pre-paid solutions.

Proposal and execution of Tailored Prepaid Solution

We Propose and execute the most suitable Prepaid Type, Channeling, and
Action Plan for our customers.


We provide professional and skilled co-work in order to minimize Credit


Prepaid Solution should be more than just a payment method.

What is More ?

  • · Combination of Mobile APP and Prepaid System
      (Including management of membership & points)
  • · Micro Data from Prepaid Usages
  • · Customer Loyalty
  • · New Marketing Mix
  • · Expand Business Horizon

T-Grid is the Prepaid Total Solution that efficiently respond to corporate customers’ various pre-paid
needs. Such Prepaid Platform connects the issuer, user, distribution affiliates in real-time.

About T-GRID platform

KPC supplies the prepayment API to corporate customers with T-Grid platform.
KPC also provides all-in-one SI service from service plan to development and operation.

  • fun
  • mobile POP
  • Happymoney
  • gifttopping
  • pizzahut
  • madforgarlic
  • fun
  • mobile POP
  • Happymoney
  • gifttopping
  • gifttopping

Benefit of T-GRID API

Minimize time and cost to develop mobile application

Corporate customers, who want to develop mobile application services such as Prepaid card,
Coupon, Stamps, Push notification services, are more likely to develop them directly through the T-Grid API platform.
T-Grid API not only minimize time and cost but also maximize target marketing strategy based
on the customers’ data that KPC provides. Also, KPC’s clients will easily get information management skills and security technologies proving
from our successful experience over the past 15 years.

  • Reduce Development Period and Cost

    For the development of Back Office and security
    infrastructure for Prepayment card system including coupon,
    stamps and the mobile push notification services, our clients
    can save more than 300 million won($250,000.00) for the development cost. Also, they can reduce 5 months of development period at least.

  • Data-driven Marketing

    KPC provides data such as issuance of Prepaid card, top-up history, transaction status, and history of stamps & coupon rewards.
    Our corporate clients will be able to perform Data-driven marketing strategy by using those information.              

  • Proven Security Technology

    KPC has secured the technology for both membership information management and payment security ever
    since operating the gift card services for 15 years. Also, KPC tries to perform rapid response to the revision of
    related laws and mobile policies as well.

  • Maintenance

    We are also providing maintenance and monitoring services with immediate problem solving unit, specialized
    backend operation team.

We provide Total Solution for Pre-paid card

Our corporate clients can easily manage their customers’ data such as Pre-paid card
Transaction, Prepayment and Customer reward. KPC also distributes and issues
Mobile coupons and gift cards based on the Total Solution.


  • Management of Membership Information
  • Issuance, charge, payment,
    deactivation, and management of Prepaid card
  • Management of mobile coupons and the top-up
  • Management of stamp rewards and usage

POS system

  • Scan/Settle with Bar-code reader
  • Reward Stamps
  • Handling use of Coupon
  • Activate gift cards
  • Issue cash receipt automatically
  • Replaces the paper receipt

Gift cards&Mobile Coupon

  • Issuance/Distribution of Mobile coupon
  • Issuance/Distribution of POSA gift cards
  • Issuance/Distribution of membership cards

T-GRID Reference

1. Integrated App based on T-GRID

Within T-GRID, from planning to development and operation of mobile application, IT is easily integrated.

App Store Google Play
App Store Google Play

2. Mobile Application with T-GRID API

Apps applied with the mobile coupon API through T-GRID platform.

Google Play
Google Play
Partnership Inquiry for T-GRID platform
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Business partners

We are leading the pre-paid market in Korea, with the top-tier partners in the field of issuing, distributing, and redemption.

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